What is Authentic Grace?

In order to be authentic, you must be as you claim.  In a world of fakes and posers, we seek to grow in our ability to live authentic lives that match what we believe.

Now for the Grace part: grace is undeserved favor and blessing.  Grace is found in a faith relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is life-changing and humbling.  Grace to us is completely based upon the merit of Christ.  As we repent of our self-righteousness and self-effort, which mark a life turned away from God, we cling to Christ and His righteousness as our only hope.  In this repentance and faith, we find the power to live new lives of faith, love, and hope in a fallen world.

This site is about learning the authentic gospel- and grace-centered life.  It is also about learning how to live out this truth in simple everyday life.

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